Counselling Centre of Athens
Valtetsiou 37, 106 81
Tel. 210 3300751 (direct line for drug addicts)
Counselling Centre of Rafina
25klm Marathonos Ave, 109 09
Tel. 22940 79900

"I have decided to come to PAREMVASI because I've found people here who stood by me and taught me how to love and respect human beings, to hope and also taught me how to make my dreams come true.

Now it’s my turn to share with others what I have learnt since life is a chain each link of which provides for the other.

I belong to PAREMVASI because at last I feel responsible for this wavering world, that burning forest, the destruction of that square, that hopeless human being who has nothing to believe in. It is also my personal responsibility; I can no more avert my eyes neither bend my head nor take everything passively with a shrug…

I am here because I understand that being responsible for myself and for others around me is not only my right but also my duty.
I am here because I believe that

Whatever you may do
Whatever you may dream
You’ve got to start now.
Believe in yourself
Live the life you deserve
Act now
Paremvasi's philosophy as it was expressed by its first members and remains until today.