Counselling Centre of Athens
Valtetsiou 37, 106 81
Tel. 210 3300751 (direct line for drug addicts)
Counselling Centre of Rafina
25klm Marathonos Ave, 109 09
Tel. 22940 79900

Therapeutic program KETHEA PAREMVASI belongs to the Therapeutic Centre for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA). KETHEA has special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and is one of the principal organisations to implement the National Action Plan on Drugs.
KETHEA  PAREMVASI provides its services to drug addicts over 21 years old and to their families. The program aims at its members’ detoxification, education and social rehabilitation.   The services are free of charge and there is no waiting list. Attendance at the program is voluntary because the dependent individual’s decision is essential for the successful outcome of therapy. No pharmaceutical substances or substitutes are administered.
The therapeutic program initiated its operation in 1989 by establishing the Paremvasi Alternative Community in Raphina, Attica. In 1992 it became a multiphase Therapeutic Program.

The Program consists of two Counseling Centres, an Alternative Community and a Rehabilitation Centre. These are units covering different detoxification phases. It also comprises a Family Support Centre to support the dependent individual’s family.
 The main services that are offered are:
• Referral of drug users for medical tests
• Motivation and preparation of drug users for admission to therapy
• Counselling to drug users and their families
• Individual and group therapy
• Relapse prevention and crisis intervention
• Aftercare services
• Counseling on legal problems
• Family therapy
• Vocational guidance and occupational training