Counselling Centre of Athens
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Tel. 210 3300751 (direct line for drug addicts)
Counselling Centre of Rafina
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Education is part of the therapeutic process as it contributes to one’s learning, to the development of his/her personality and it provides the means for social and vocational rehabilitation. Prolonged abstinence from employment and lack of adequate and certified knowledge are factors that obstruct the re-establishment of occupation and perhaps influence the general course of treatment. Providing members the opportunity to take part in educational processes within and outside of the therapeutic program, is an important factor for their smooth integration into the labour market and for them to acquire skills which can help improve different aspects of their lives. This is why education is an integral part of the healing process. 

Educational activities within the therapeutic program
Education is provided throughout the member’s stay in the therapeutic context and according to the therapy phase he/she is in.
The subjects taught are various and are conducted by professionals of corresponding specialities. In addition, courses are conducted by trainers granted in KETHEA PAREMVASI by the “Prefectorial Committee of Folk Training of Eastern Attica” (NELE). Each member selects and attends the educational activities that interest him/her.
From time to time seminars of medical content and speeches from special scientists are organized concerning subjects such as the First Aid, the transmitted diseases, the oral hygiene etc.
Educational activities outside the therapeutic program
KETHEA PAREMVASI has a network of partnerships with public and private Educational Institutions that offer scholarships and provide grants in different areas of study and vocational training.