Counselling Centre of Athens
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Tel. 210 3300751 (direct line for drug addicts)
Counselling Centre of Rafina
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Tel. 22940 79900

The Research Department's main mission is the data collection and the implementation of the Therapeutic Program research activity on the assessment sectors of primary and secondary research according to the system that is implemented by the Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals.

Its activities are the following:
  • the planning and materialisation of research programs that concern the Paremvasi Program
  • the monitoring of clinical data regarding the mobility of the Program units
  • the collection of qualitative and quantitative data, and information processing and analysis
  • the issuing of results on members’ and parents’ profile who are admitted to the Paremvasi Program.
These activities are supportive and complementary to the main work of the Program and aim at assessing and improving the services offered by the Program.
The Research Department of the Program cooperates with the Research Section of the Therapy Centre for Dependent Individuals on the participation in research programs that are implemented.